• Sr Database Administrator (DB2 for z/OS)

    1344 West 4675 South
    Position Status
    40 HR
    Mon- Fri
  • Overview

    Administers, maintains, develops and implements policies and procedures for ensuring the security and integrity of the company database. Implements data models and database designs. Controls data access via software configuration and authentication/authorization of user specific security. Resolves database performance issues, database capacity issues, replication, and other distributed data issues. Assumes leadership role on project teams. Analyzes database architecture to ensure that company goals are being met with respect for data backup policies, appropriate patch updates, and overall database management. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a range of database vendors and products. Performs a wide-variety of database related tasks



    1. Assumes responsibility for effectively coordinating and performing the analysis, design, and maintenance of database systems at a technical level.

    a. Gathers data and assesses user information, reporting, and system needs.

    b. Analyzes database requirements and pursues implementation of a relational database design at a physical level. Responsible for the creation of the storage structure definitions. In addition, must also define the associated mapping between the internal and conceptual schemas. Analyzes, reviews, and enhances the architecture to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements.

    c. Performs a variety of complex administration tasks, such as designing, documenting, and coding of database objects including business logic for custom applications. Maintains the database and data communication system.

    d. Prepares program test data, analyzes test results, and specifies data control procedures for refreshing development, test, and training environments.

    e. Reviews internal software operating systems and performs the more involved system maintenance and updates, such as revising application programs to interface with changes in the operating system.

    f. Produces comprehensive diagrams and charts to represent current and proposed systems and their interrelations with one another. Prepares program specifications to communicate system and program designs to others.

    g. Monitors and tests backup and recovery procedures. Responsible for ensuring data backups are archived and sufficiently recoverable for both complete and point-in-time recovery.

    h. Assumes leadership role on project teams as assigned.

    i. Maintains systems' integrity and performance.

    j. Maintains documentation.


    2. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining good communication and coordination with developers and end users.

    a. Responds to both developer and user requests and follows through promptly.

    b. Resolves problems and concerns. Provides assistance, support, and training to users as required. Ensures that database structures meet developer requirements and are completed on schedule.

    c. Ensures that interactions with users are clear, courteous, and understandable.

    d. Communicates as much information as possible to developers/users, including reasons for problems, project status, and deadlines.

    e. Acts as a consultant and resource to developers, users, management and focus groups.


    3. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective communication, coordination, and working relations with area staff and management.

    a. Keeps management informed of significant problems and of progress attained in reaching established objectives. Provides recommendations to establish new and/or more effective database designs including future equipment needs.

    b. Assists and supports Information Systems personnel as needed. Coordinates, directs, and trains others as needed.

    c. Prepares reports of data growth and performance issues, discussing changes and their ramifications. Completes records and other required documents.

    d. Attends and participates in meetings and committees as required.


    4. Assumes responsibility as liaison between out-source resources and Credit Union staff.

    a. Develops specifications for out-sourced contracts. Prepares and issues Request for Proposal (RFP) to out-source vendors.

    b. Evaluates responses to RFPs. Recommends vendor selection and monitors compliance to vendor contract commitment.

    c. Provides project management for the Credit Union on out-sources projects to ensure compliance to vendor contract commitment, integration with Credit Union information systems, adequate back-up and recovery procedures, documentation, and audit ability.

    d. Responds to vendors requests and follows through promptly.

    e. Resolves problems and concerns. Provides assistance, support and training to vendors as required.

    f. Ensures that interactions with vendors are clear, courteous and understandable.

    g. Acts as technical liaison between vendors and Credit Union staff and managers.

    h. Communicates as much information as possible to vendors, management and users, including reasons for problems, project status and deadlines.


    5. Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.

    a. Stays informed of changes in database administration and computer technology.

    b. Keeps work area clean, secure, and well-maintained.

    c. Completes special projects as assigned.



    * College degree in computer science or related field or an equivalent combination of education training, and experience.

    Required Knowledge:

    * Understanding of Credit Union operations and information needs.

    * Thorough understanding of data architecture and information systems.

    * Knowledge of business software applications.

    Experience Required:

    * At least 5 years of related experience, preferably in a financial environment.

    * Supervisory experience helpful.

    * Experience using Windows, Linux, & Unix operating systems

    * Extensive knowledge and experience in Oracle, DB2 UDB, MS-SQL Server, & MySQL.

    * Strong SQL knowledge

    * Advanced understanding of relational database architecture.

    * Practical experience with backup/recovery procedures.

    * Knowledge of project management techniques

    * Experience with database administration software.


    * Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

    * Well organized.

    * Solid project management abilities

    * Good communication skills.

    * Ability to assist and train others.

    * Work well with and communicate with people.

    * Be self motivated and creative

    * Be flexible, responsive and work effectively under pressure.

    * Understand complex issues and solve problems.

    * Motivate and direct the efforts of others, lead teams and projects.

    * Communicate complex ideas to others clearly.

    * Comprehend complex multi-program, multi-dimension systems.


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