• Branch Maintenance Technician (Salt Lake County)

    1344 West 4675 South
    Position Status
    40 HR
    Mon – Sat Flex
  • Overview

    Responsibilities: Maintaining and inspecting buildings, equipment, utilities, furnishings, and grounds. Directly responsibility for assigned branches, lease space, and raw property. Performs preventative maintenance, makes repairs, and assists, supervises, and directs outside service personnel and vendors as needed. Reports major repairs and maintenance needs. Conducts the safe deposit box drilling process. Replaces elements of asphalt, roofs, landscaping, lighting, carpet etc. that need repair. Assist with all refurbishes, remodels, and new construction set up processes. Conducts training for groups and new employees. Coordinates preventative maintenance with outside vendors on all major replacements. Handles situations involving ADA and OSHA.  Attends required trainings and meetings.


    This position requires good mechanical and problem-solving abilities. Attention to detail and good organization and communication skills are also vital to the successful execution of this position. These are experienced positions; incumbents perform the more complex maintenance coordinating, overseeing and repair functions.


    1. Responsible for the effective performance of assigned facility maintenance functions.

    a. Operates building equipment and utilities systems to maintain proper heat, cooling, power, water, plumbing, etc. Assists outside service representatives in checking, maintaining, and repairing building equipment

    b. Responds promptly to facility needs submitted by branch personnel in the Facility Management system. Documents and completes tasks associated with the Facility Management system.

    c. Reviews scheduled cleaning work such as emptying wastebaskets, vacuuming, dusting, window washing, etc.

    d. Performs and arranges scheduled preventative maintenance and cleaning. Maintains all equipment that is associated with the branches. Conducts inspections and tests, and maintains logs and records reflecting results. Visits each designated Branch facility at least twice monthly to determine maintenance needs.

    e. Conducts quarterly walkthroughs of branch locations to meet safety and maintenance requirements for inspection.

    f. Coordinates maintenance activities with Branch managers to ensure that buildings are clean and secure.

    g. Performs maintenance on all door locks, card readers, pin pads, door closers etc.

    h. Performs minor building and furniture modifications or repairs involving carpentry, painting, wiring, and overhauling.

    i. Coordinates and assists with outside service and repair work. Hires vendors and service providers as assigned. Follows-up on work reviews and ensures that outside services are efficiently completed.

    j. Completes purchase orders for supplies as requested

    k. Meets with members and designated Branch/Department employees to open and rotate safety deposit boxes.

    l. Submits insurance claims for building damages as necessary

    m. Provides 24 hour on-call service as assigned (Weekend coverage may be included).

    n. Completes assigned maintenance functions in accordance with established policies and procedures, ADA regulations, and OSHA regulations.

    2. Responsible for establishing and maintaining effective communication, coordination, and working relationships with Credit Union personnel, management, vendors, and service providers.

    a. Assists Credit Union personnel as needed.

    b. Keeps management informed of area activities, any significant problems or maintenance concerns.

    c. Attends and participates in meetings as required. Completes required records and reports.

    d. Assists vendors and service providers as needed. Monitors vendors’ performance.

    e. Oversees all landscaping, snow removal, HVAC and janitorial with vendors.

    f. Provides related information, advice, and suggestions to Credit Union personnel as requested.



    3. Responsible for related duties required or assigned.

    a. Performs miscellaneous and specially requested tasks such as assisting other personnel in rearranging furniture, cleaning and storing equipment, and other jobs as assigned.

    b. Assists in set-up of new Branches.

    c. Completes assigned training and certifications

    d. First responders to Branch managers in case of emergency.

    e. Coordinates multiple preventive maintenance projects

    f. Assists in the refurbish process of assigned buildings and branches



    1. Buildings and equipment are clean, in good repair, and well maintained.

    2. Preventative maintenance and repairs are effectively performed in accordance with established standards and procedures.

    3. Maintenance needs and problems are promptly identified and resolved or reported.

    4. Maintenance functions are well coordinated with other branch and departments' operations. Assistance is provided as needed.

    5. Management is appropriately informed of area activities.

    6. Outside service providers are optimally utilized and assisted as needed.

    7. Completes all required trainings and certifications.




    • High School graduate or equivalent
    • Driver’s License
    • Bondable

    Required Knowledge:
    • Knowledge of plumbing, HVAC, patching, painting, carpentry, electrical, and maintenance procedures.
    • Basic understanding of architectural and design drawings.
    • Microsoft word, excel, outlook etc. and basic computer functions.
    • Basic understanding of OSHA and ADA requirements.

    Experience Required:

    • Two+ years of maintenance work and/or construction project coordination performed, preferably within a financial institution or equivalent. Has previous experience with remodel and refurbish type work. Managed multiple projects at the same time.

    • Good Mechanical and problem-solving abilities
    • Well organized and able to work well independently.
    • Able to coordinate well with others in communication, planning, and coordinating.
    • Attentive to detail
    • Able to operate vehicle, drills, saws, electrical tester, hand tools, snowplow, salt/sand spreader truck, forklift, etc.
    • As a condition of employment, drivers of AFCU vehicles – or employees who drive personal vehicles on university business – are expected to obey all traffic laws and regulations and maintain a valid license in good standing. Must pass and complete all driving related courses provided by AFCU.



    Climbing: Includes ladders, scaffolding, ramps, poles, etc.

    Stooping: Bending downward and forward at the waist. Requires full use of lower extremities and back muscles.

    Kneeling: Resting on knee or knees.

    Crouching: Bending downward and forward at the leg and spine.

    Reaching: Extending hand (s) and arm (s) in any direction.

    Standing: For extended time periods.

    Walking: Especially for long distances.

    Pushing: Using upper body to press against something with steady force.

    Pulling: Using upper body to draw, drag, haul, or tug objects.

    Lifting: Occurs frequently and requires substantial use of upper body and back muscles.

    Finger Dexterity: Using primarily just the fingers to make small movements such as typing, picking up small objects, or pinching fingers together.

    Grasping: Using fingers and palm on an object.

    Talking: Especially where one must frequently convey detailed or important instructions or ideas accurately, loudly, or quickly.

    Average Hearing: Able to hear average or normal conversations and receive ordinary information.

    Repetitive Motions: Movements frequently and regularly required using the wrists, hands, and/or fingers.

    Average Visual Abilities: Average, ordinary, visual acuity necessary to prepare or inspect documents or products or operate machinery.

    Physical Strength: Medium Work; exerting up to 100 lbs. occasionally, and/or up to 20 lbs. frequently, and 10 lbs. constantly.

    While performing the job functions and duties listed in this job description, the individual must adhere to, and comply with, all the regulations outlined in the credit union’s Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) policy. This position will be required to complete, understand, and pass the BSA test on an annual basis.


    Worker is subject to changing inside and/or outside temperatures which may include extreme heat (temperatures above 100 degrees) or extreme cold (temperatures below 32 degrees).
    Works both inside and outside. Subject to weather.
    Must work under hazardous conditions including high places, chemical exposures, electrical current, moving machinery, exposure to blood, etc.
    Frequent local travel.
    Frequent out-of-town travel.


    Reasoning Ability: Ability to deal with a variety of variables under only limited standardization. Able to interpret various instructions.

    Mathematics Ability: Ability to perform basic math skills and to use decimals to compute ratios and percent’s, and to draw and interpret graphs.

    Language Ability: Ability to read a variety of books, magazines, instruction manuals, atlases, and encyclopedias. Ability to prepare memos, reports, and essays using proper punctuation, spelling and grammar. Ability to communicate distinctly with appropriate pauses and emphasis; correct punctuation (or sign equivalent) and variation in word order; using present, perfect, and future tenses.







    Job descriptions assist organizations in ensuring that the hiring process is fairly administered and that qualified employees are selected. They are also essential to an effective appraisal system and related promotion, transfer, layoff, and termination decisions. Well constructed job descriptions are an integral part of any effective compensation system.

    All descriptions have been reviewed to ensure that only essential functions and basic duties have been included. Peripheral tasks, only incidentally related to each position, have been excluded. Requirements, skills, and abilities included have been determined to be the minimal standards required to successfully perform the positions. In no instance, however, should the duties, responsibilities, and requirements delineated be interpreted as all inclusive. Additional functions and requirements may be assigned by supervisors as deemed appropriate.

    In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is possible that requirements may be modified to reasonably accommodate disabled individuals. However, no accommodations will be made which may pose serious health or safety risks to the employee or others or which impose undue hardships on the organization.

    Job descriptions are not intended and do not create employment contracts. The organization maintains its status as an at-will employer. Employees can be terminated for any reason not prohibited by law.


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